My Kids Almost Made Me Cry! (and not in good way)

I have volunteered to do more cooking. I realized that helping my wife in this way would lift such a load off of her shoulders. Plus she always beats me in the arguments, because I get off work 3 hours before she does. Anyway, in the process of planning the meal, making sure I have everything I need, and braving the adventures in Wally World to buy what I need, I realized that what she was doing (usually all alone) was really hard. Ensuring we have something that’s not only tasty, but is also halfway healthy, is a daunting task, considering the picky nature of our children.

I was doing a pretty good job until tonight! I wanted to try a creamy chicken skillet recipe, but I figured the kids would protest my use of cream cheese. Instead, I made a sauce using Velveeta cheese, grill seasoning and chicken broth, then topped the chicken with hickory smoked bacon. Coupling that with garlic potatoes, I just knew that my wonderful children would sing my praises; letting the world know that we had the best dinner ever!

Those little … ungrateful … Ugghh! Every child had a complaint! If I gave any examples, my blood pressure would go up.

I had devoted my entire afternoon to making my family happy and no one was (except Angela, of course). I really believed my contribution was valuable, and that Team Murphy would be appreciative.


Never allow others to determine your value. Your true worth is determined within … because God has created you for a purpose. Others may overlook you, or take you for granted; they may even say you’re worthless. But, the only opinions that matter come from between your ears and above your head. (And never, ever, ever let a 6, 7 & 8 year old make you cry!!)

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  1. Little kids will always make you want to cry, lol. Keep up the good work, I appreciate all you do for Team Murphy!!

  2. Remember childrens are a blessing from God. You love them not matter what. Keep up the good work but cry softly.

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