I Wanna Be Like Mike

While watching Super Bowl XLV, I discovered that out of all the big names playing on the field, my favorite Steeler never even touched the ball. Head coach, Mike Tomlin is an inspiration to me. Here is a man who is actually young enough to suit up, leading this team to his possible second Super Bowl win. He’s not flamboyant or over the top, neither is he cold and emotionless; but with style and class he is able to pull greatness out of men.

I want to be this type of pastor. I pray that God has anointed me to make everyone around me great. Not to be served, but it is my desire to serve others. I hope to inspire others to get out there and do it big. I want to help people continue to persevere in spite of hurt, pain, and scandal, to be the best God has called them to be. Though we may not win every battle, you won’t be able to deny the greatness in us.

(As a side note, I think I would look good with a beard!)

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