My Dream Team

I was thinking about the favor of God. Many people find the favor of God in their careers, finances, possessions, or ministries. However, I’ve realized that I found the most favor in my own house.

God has favored me with an awesome family. Lately we’ve taken on the moniker, Team Murphy. Much like the five players on the black top, Team Murphy is a well-balanced group of individuals that God has put together to win (win, win … no matter what!).

Derek (aka Murph, aka Chocolate Thunder)

  • Position – Center
  • Plays the low post and protects the goal
  • Takes it to the hole, and great hands for rebounding when others miss the goal.
  • Team Captain that motivates and inspires the whole team to do their best.

Angela (aka Nic, aka First Lady)

  • Position – Point Guard
  • Best handler (people, resources, money)
  • Plays the top of the key, and is careful to see everything around her and her team.
  • Co Captain best equip to call the plays in the game.

Nicolas (aka Nick Nick, aka Nickelodeon)

  • Position – Shooting Guard
  • Great shooter outside the box
  • Not limited by others but able to shine in any situation.
  • The Franchise player, because the owner promised to always take care of him!

McCenzie (aka C.C., aka The Princess)

  • Position – Small Forward
  • Most versatile player with the ability to handle her own any where on the court.
  • Most charismatic player and by far the fan favorite.
  • All other teams wish they had her, but she’s loyal to the team!

Derek, Jr (aka D.J., aka Mike Tyson, aka The Enforcer)

  • Position – Power Forward
  • Don’t let his size fool you, because he is a tough defender.
  • Assists the center in protecting the goal and every other player
  • Super passionate, he may even fight with the rest of the team, but at the end of the day he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

When it is all said and done, we’re one of the best (if not the best) squads around. With God as our owner & head coach, Jesus as our general manager, the Holy Spirit as our trainer … WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

(* all photos taken by Gentry Mitchell courtesy of Gent.Photography)

© 2011 Djoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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