My Formal Apology

I really appreciate the love and support I’ve gotten from you, my readers. However the last couple weeks have been so full with responsibilities as a husband, father, and pastor, that writing had to take a temporary back seat; but hey, I’m back. I didn’t realize what kind of impact this medium has been making.

Please accept this post as my formal apology. In order to make this up to my RML Family I will post 5 times (yes 5 times) within the next week. This will be a challenge, I know; but one I am willing to take for you!

In return I challenge you, the RML Family, to spread the word like never before. Post and repost every entry’s link to your Facebook and Twitter status updates, and even send links as private messages to your friends, family, church members, coworkers, anyone. Please help us get the word out. For example: “Real Men …” was the highest rated post to date, simply because of friends like you posting, re posting, and messenging in other social mediums. With your help, I know we can gain and maintain this momentum.

As my heading states RML is here to serve as little positive inspiration, “because not everything has to go wrong!” Thank you so much for you support, and I have a fresh excitement about our journey together!


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