Everybody’s Searching For a Hero

Whitney Houston’s first big hit contained these words:

“Everybody’s searching for a hero; people need someone to look up to. I never found anyone to fulfill my needs. A lonely place to be, and so I learned to depend on me.”

I used to find inspiration in that song, but the older I get the more I see the pain of an entire generation. We live in a world where many men don’t see, let alone know their fathers. Many go for years without even a clue; however, I thank God for the privilege of having my own hero. McCoy Murphy, Jr.

I admit that my dad and I may not know how to communicate it effectively, but we have a great relationship. He is one of my best friends, an awesome preacher, and an anointed leader. With his charismatic personality, he is able to walk in any situation and take control, while making anyone feel at ease.  He just has a way with people. If I could be just half the man he is I would be great.

While these qualities are significant, they don’t qualify anyone to be hero.  By definition, a hero is someone who is brave enough to come through when the chips are down. This is what makes my dad great. As I began the transition to founding The Kingdom Church, I was afraid that my dad was angry, maybe even hurt at the fact that I was leaving his ministry to step out into my own.  I wasn’t sure how he really felt. But, right in the nick of time he came through, just like a hero does.

On my last Sunday, he stood and publically declared his support, by laying his hands on me and pronouncing blessings over me, my family, and ministry. He told the crowd, “We’re not dividing, we’re multiplying!”  Superman could not have made a better move!

So, even though Father’s Day is 12 weeks away, I want to take this time to celebrate my father! Many people feel like they have a piece of him, but at the end of the day, he’s all mine (and Marcus and Kaye’s).  I really, really (no, I mean it), really love him, and there is no doubt in my mind that he loves me too. My only hope is that I make him proud.  As I sit here, fighting back the tears, I realize that the greatest love of all will never be inside of me.

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