Don’t Take It Personsal

“I’m only human; everybody makes mistakes …” is a phrase we all have said, and it is absolutely true. No one is perfect. Why is it, then, we become so offended by correction?

I had someone confront me recently about some behavior that hurtful. This person was absolutely correct in their observation. It was even done with kindness and grace, but in the end, I was angry. Not because I was wrong, but because something was said.

I believe this attitude is not a Derek exclusive, but an almost expected response. How many times have you seen someone behaving in a manner that was disrespectful, or rude, and you said nothing. You were offended, but YOU didn’t want to offend by correcting. Our society values tolerance more than righteousness.

So, I admonish you to do two things:

1. Find the courage to speak up. Make sure you do it with love and grace, out of a genuine concern for people (not out of selfish motives that seek to hurt).

2. Find the humility to receive correction with a kind and gentle spirit. Figure out a way to be approachable and teachable, because it isn’t always necessary to be defensive.

James 1:19 teaches us to be quick to listen to others, but slow in reacting; and to be mindful not to be so easily angered. So, get the Cheetos off your shoulder and stop taking correction as a personal offense. Let’s all get better and do better together!

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