I Pity The Fool

“Only fools say in their hearts, ‘There is no God.’ ”  – Psalm 14:1a (New Living Translation)

I really feel sorry for people who have nothing to live for. They seem to live from moment to moment,  experience to experience, just merely existing. Never do they seem to understand that there is more to life than whatever vice they indulge in, neither do they grasp the concept of a big picture mentality.

Each of us are created in the likeness and image of God, whether you acknowledge Him or not. We were conceived and brought forth with purpose, not just to take up space or make out a number.  Maybe you feel like you’re wondering aimlessly through life, like you have no direction, but let me show you how to tap into what God desires for you. Instead of being an “April Fool”, trying being “April FULL!”

1.   April FULL of LOVE – Show everyone the love of Christ. I do mean everyone; even your enemies.

2.   April FULL of WORSHIP – Show God that your first priority is Him. Never allow anyone or anything to become more important than your creator.

3.   April FULL of SERVICE – Be willing to give of yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around you, so involve yourself in something bigger than you.

4.   April FULL of GRACE – Never esteem yourself higher than you ought to, but give the grace that you may need given back to you. Remember the Golden Rule.

5.   April FULL of PEACE – Try to remind yourself that God is the only one in control, and that frees you to do “what it do!”

6.   April FULL of QUESTION – You will never know everything, so don’t be afraid to question God. Allow your doubts to deepen your faith.

7.   April FULL of SUBMISSION – God never asked for a commitment, but submit yourself to the father’s will.

If you do this, you have no choice but to discover His will for you!

© 2011 Djoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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