Up For The Challenge

I had to preach that Sunday morning, as a guest minister at another church. Not only that, but the district meeting was beginning later that evening (those who are or have ever been COGIC know what I’m talking about).  We had a full day of ministry, but my wife wakes up to contractions.

Without telling the whole story, God had already promised us that he would always take care of this first-born child. However, I was really nervous when his heart rate dropped during delivery. God kept His promise and here he was, my beautiful baby boy.

In the following years, he survived numerous things, because God promised. Angela notices some things, but he’ll be ok, because God promised. His doctor mentions some possibilities, but we’re not concerned, because God promised.

It was at age four that we got the diagnosis. Autism Spectrum Disorder. How can this be, because God promised? What do you mean, he’ll never be potty trained; because God promised? Why won’t he ever be able to express love; because God promised … right?

April is Autism Awareness Month, and I’m proud to say, I love someone with autism. 1 out of every 110 children born in this country will be diagnosed with this mysterious disorder and everyone needs to be aware of the wide range of symptoms and characteristics. Every time you see a child acting in a disruptive manner, we shouldn’t judge, because we don’t always know the whole story. This is a real epidemic.

Nicolas is a great kid, and while we would have preferred he not be autistic, we’re up for the challenge. It’s not easy caring for a child with special needs, but God gives us grace to get the job done everyday. He’s potty trained, because God promised. He’s doing very well in school, in a “regular” class, because God promised. He regularly tells us that he loves us, because God promised. We’re blessed because Nicolas has defied every odd, because God promised!

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness;” 2 Peter 3:9a (King James Version)

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