No Need to Fix It

Nicolas is an amazing child, fearfully and wonderfully. It has been remarkable watching God work in him to fulfill a great purpose. Having autism is almost a non-issue now, because we watch him overcome challenges all the time. It is evident that it is all because of God’s promises spoken over his life.

However, after we received the diagnosis, there were times when I wanted Nicolas to wake up and be “fixed”. This idea is based on the ridiculous notion of “normal”. When we really look at “normal”, we find there is no such thing. Everyone is different; and different doesn’t equal bad!

Simply put, God made us all, perfectly imperfect. The question we all must answer about ourselves, is how is God going to use our imperfections to bless us, others, and ultimately bring glory back to Him.

Our prayer for Nicolas is not that he be “fixed”, but that he will be perfected!

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