A Story About My Mama

Once upon a time, my dad was conned by a shade tree mechanic. There is nothing worse than a freshly hoodwinked black man. Sitting at the junk yard, my dad was ready to lay hands on the man, when he saw a group of thugs sitting in the corner. In an effort to make a joke to make himself feel better, he asked the group, “Which one of ya’ll can I pay to jack this dude up?!”

The toughest looking brotha responded with a question. “Ain’t you married to Mrs. Murphy?”

Puzzled, my dad answered in the affirmative. The thug then enlightened my dad. “You don’t need us, you got Mrs. Murphy!”

As an educator my mom gained the reputation of a tough, no nonsense teacher and administrator. She took nothing, from anyone, in some of the toughest schools in our city. However, with us she was quiet, meek and graceful. She often saved us from the destruction that is McCoy Murphy!

Just goes to show you, that people aren’t always what they seem!

I love you Mama, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

© 2011 DJoaquin Publishing, All rights reserved.

1 Comment

  1. Thanks ! You are a good son. We are so proud of you and your beautiful family. What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Love you.
    Yo’ Mamma

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