Preparation Not Isolation

I’ve always been somewhat popular, I’ll admit that. People all around the city, and even the region know my name and the things God has blessed me to do, and I am grateful for the notoriety I’ve gained over the years. However, while I’ve always been acquainted with the “in crowd” I’ve never been apart of it.

People ask me all the time, “why weren’t you at ” such and such, or “I thought you would have been part of” such and so. My answer has always been either I didn’t know or I found out too late.

I used to feel isolated, which is never a good feeling. I imagine this is how David, the great biblical patriarch, must have felt when he heard that the prophet of God was coming by the house. His dad probably told him that there was no way he could be king so there was no need of him being at the party. Besides, Jessie had a job for him to do. Someone had to watch the sheep.

Little did he know, his isolation was preparation for unprecedented greatness. David’s reign as king brought peace and prosperity to Israel, and the backside of the mountain was his training ground. In fact, everything he went through in obscurity, qualified him to lead the kingdom.

Tonight, I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m not meant to be in the crowd. I’ve realized that much of the hurt, pain, and trials I deal with are preparation for the destination. Sure, isolation never feels good; but it’s worth it, if God is there.

If you feel like you are troubled on every side, know that you’re not forsaken. God has not forgotten about you … He’s simply preparing you for something greater.

© 2011 DJoaquin Publishing, All rights reserved.

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  1. This has touched on the way I have felt most of my life. And I always would ask myself the question, “why don’t I fit in?” Even now, I will sometimes question why I just can’t get with this or that, this person or that person…and I definitely don’t do groups and clicks. But you have answered my questions. I thank God for you, Cuz.

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