A Moment of Confession

I believe there are people in my city, even across this country, that God has assigned to me. These people will push me into the place He has ordained for me. The problem is, I don’t know them yet, and they don’t know me either.For too long I have depended on the people that know me and love me to support me, and they have. But this time is different. To do what I need to do for the Kingdom of God, I need to step outside of me place of comfort and talk a walk on the other side.

Shaun King, one of my favorite bloggers (shauninthecity.com), said last week, “The most forgotten and underestimated demographic in the world is … Strangers.” He continues, “It takes real guts to tell a stranger about something you strongly believe in.  In fact, we rarely do it.”

Later, he states, “If Jesus is real, how ridiculous do we look treating this like a secret between friends and family?” 

Most people don’t realize it, but I’m shy. An extreme introvert. I am usually very awkward in most social situations; so much so that I usually keep to myself and don’t allow people to get close to me. But today is a new day!

My fear of being hurt and disappointed is far less important than accomplishing God’s will for my life. I have not been the man God wanted me to be in several instances in my life and I’ve fallen far short of His will and glory. But today is a new day!

I will no longer depend on my own devices and ideas to do this job. I’m learning that carnal solutions to spiritual problems never work, no matter how “good” they are. I have relied on the advice, and methods of men for far too long. But today is a new day!

So …. I recognize that I need those people. However, in order to find them I have to become the man they need me to be: the man that God wants. Together we will shake the world, or at least this city. I am convinced that God will give me the courage to complete my process, because, today is a new day!

© 2011 DJoaquin Publishing, All rights reserved.

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