Do You Need 2 B #REWIRED?

I am all about building people. One thing that I have learned, is that a side effect of teaching others about God and the good news of Jesus is self exposure. I have learned a lot about myself in the past few weeks. Things that I’m not proud of, but are real and present in my life. These things are discovered when you get to know how God loves and relates to us. So being the pastor/teacher that I am, I want to share some Biblical truths about relationships.

You probably think that I mean romantic relationships. While these are included, every human relationship is built on the same principles. I believe our society is in the condition we’re in (at least partially) because we don’t know how to relate to others in a Godly way. We are not wired to love like He does.

Beginning, Sunday, September 11, I will be teaching about relationships in the “#REWIRED” series at The Kingdom Church.

In addition to this, I will also be posting these lessons, right here on RML Blog, every Monday Morning, for those who cannot make it to TKC. Also, I will be posting little gems of truth on Facebook and Twitter. If you follow me you may have already noticed the hashtags.

In the effort to make this a total interactive experience, as you hear or read things that you like during this series, feel free to quote, repost, and retweet with the “#rewired” hashtag on your Facebook and Twitter pages. You may also think of nuggets of wisdom you would like to share from your own experiences. Let me encourage you to post or tweet those as well, with the “#rewired” hashtag. You may even tag me or The Kingdom Church (on Facebook), or mention me (on Twitter), to assure that we see your participation and even open the door for more interaction. As always you are welcomed to comment right here on the RML Blog. You may even want to use these mediums to ask questions, and we encourage you to.

This is an unprecedented effort by our ministry to reach people beyond the four walls of our church. This is an opportunity to connect with our ministries, whether you are looking for a church home (in the Texarkana Metro Area), or just want the information. You may even want to use these resources to share Christ with friends, family, coworkers, or whomever you think will benefit from the teaching. Lets make this a big deal, and I look forward to see what God does with it!

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