Best Thing I Never Had (#REWIRED Part 1)

When we bought our home, it was in bad shape. It hadn’t been lived in for years, and though the previous owners had started some remodeling,  it was still in bad shape. One of our major concerns was that after years with no occupants, plumbing nor electricity, it would be the hidden things that cost us the most. It may have been very expensive to overhaul the house, but it would be necessary if we wanted to maximize our investment.

Many of us have the same problems in our hearts. Years of resentment, anger, bitterness, loneliness, sadness, and every other “ness”es have caused us to because callous to love, trust and intimacy. This series is designed to give your heart a spiritual and emotional overhaul; because we need to be rewired to love like Him.


A relationship is whatever relates or connects two people. Parent to child, employee or employer, BF’s and GF’s and even BFFs are all just simply connections between two individuals. In order for any relationship to work, the two must be individually complete. In an effort to sound smooth, I used to say that my wife completes me, but that is something she could never do.

Imagine trying to build a building with Lego Blocks, and you come across one that is warped. No matter how hard you may try to make it fit properly, it never will; and there is nothing any other block can do to correct the warped block. That block has to go back to it’s creator.

This idea is personified in scripture (John 5:1-9). There was a pool in Jerusalem, called Bethesda, which had a healing virtue. In certain times the angel of the Lord would trouble the water, and whomever would step down in the water first would be healed from whatever disease he or she had. Needless to say, a multitude of sick people gathered at this pool daily. Jesus was passing through and noticed a man who had been sick thirty-eight years. While the Bible never tells this man’s name, or even what his illness was, Jesus knew his whole story.

Jesus proceeds to ask, what seemed to be, an obvious question, “Do you want to be made whole?”

Now, if that had been you or I, I’m sure that answer would have been a swift, “YES!!!”

However, the sick man gave an interesting response. “Well Sir,” he said, “I don’t have anyone to put me in the pool when the water is stirred, and every time I try by myself, someone else beats me to it.”

Do you see what I see? Jesus asked if this man wanted to be healed and his response was essentially, “I’d rather have a friend.”

Something was so disconnected in him that he thought the answer to his problem was someone else. Think of the countless number of people that he struck up a conversation with. The problem was probably all them were sick and incomplete too; and if by chance one of those people got their healing, they didn’t stick around to help him.

Many of us are the same way. We believe that if we could just find the right relationship then all of our prayers will be answered in them. It is impossible to relate to others, successfully, broken and incomplete.  Instead of looking to complete one another, people should compliment each other. Two 4 ounce steak may fill you up, but they do not make a meal.

Jesus asked no more questions. He told this man, just like He tells you and I, “I’m all you need. Have faith in me, take up your bed, and get on with your life.”

Immediately, that man was healed.

So, my question to you, before you try to find a friend or a spouse (or whatever), do you want to be made whole? Or are you going to lay around wishing for the best thing you never had?

© 2011  DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved


    1. We have to be able to related to others like God relates to us! I’m glad you liked it and if you haven’t already, let me challege you to go through all 4 parts and homework.

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