#REWIRED Homework Assignment 2

One of my best friends pastors a church whose motto is “Love is Our Motivation”. Honestly, we all should be motivated by love when it comes to connecting with people and building relationships. If God wants us to love first we really need to understand what He says about love in his word.


Our assignment for this week is to find and study two separate scriptures or passages that talk about love. Remember to consider the following questions when studying the Bible:

1.  Who is the author, or who is talking?

2.  Who is the original audience?

3.  When was it written or spoken?

4.  Why was it written or spoken?

After, you have answered these questions, pray and ask God to speak to you and give you relevent understanding about what you have read. In other words, what is God saying to you through His Word. Additionally, one of the two scripture should be the words of Jesus. Try it out, and see what you learn about love.


*Most study Bibles have historical info before or after each book. This will include the author, dates, and cultural/historical context.

*Most Bibles display the words of Jesus in red letters.

Suggestion: If you would like to share what you find, feel free to post it in the comments section of this article; or even post on your Facebook or Twitter pages.

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