#REWIRED Homework Assignment 3

Trusting others is not Biblically necessary. As believers we are instructed to trust in God, because He is where we should place our full reliance. However, if we desire to be successful in our human relationships trust is key. Trust, not love, is the gateway to true intimacy. (Sneak preview for next week)

The Bible does speak about betrayal, which is the moment when trust is violated. You can only be betrayed by the people in whom you trust.

Our homework for this week is to find a story in the Bible in which someone’s trust is betrayed. I’ve already given you Judas so dig deeper. Bishop T.D. Jakes once said that betrayal always leaves clues. In studying the story, find the clues that lead to the violation. After that, find any resolutions that were made after the fact. Finally, find life application. Try it, and see what you discover!

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