The Secret to Winning

While most of my peers were focusing on finishing college, or

planning careers, I decided to get married. We were soooo young: I was twenty-one she was nineteen. Many told us we should wait, while others said it wouldn’t last. But, it is by the grace of God that we have shared ten years of marriage. While divorce rates are rising, many of you may be asking, “what’s the secret?”

SHARING. Sounds really simple, but that’s it.

I’d like to say that we were smart enough and well prepared to have figured this out before September 29, 2001. Far from the truth! We were not ready; we were not prepared. No one ever is: not totally anyway.

We teach babies to share, but then mix the message with prenuptial agreements, and bitter divorce settlements. In our culture, you are ultimately taught to have your own stuff, and don’t allow anyone to take it from you. However, our unique set of circumstances taught us how to share our lives together.

We had nothing. I’m telling you … nothing! So then, everything we’ve built has been built together. Every accomplishment has been achieved together. Our children, cars, house, ministries, assets, reputations …. everything we did, was done as a team. This is why divorce isn’t an option for us. Who takes what? Everything I have is hers.

Be honest. Those that know us couldn’t imagine one of us without the other. I don’t have my friends and my interest, its our friends and our interests. My identity is wrapped up in her, her’s in me. We have learned, quite accidentally by the way, that we are to share.

So take my advice, whether you are married, engaged, or just dating and planning on marrying one day. Learn how to share. No matter what you have before, God said that once you are married, you are no longer two, but two shall become one.

I love you Angela Nicole Pickett! I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with you. We may not have everything, but as long as we’re together, we’re winning!

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  1. Trying to hold back the tears. I love reading the blog. Seems like I have an inside view. Thanks for blessing us with your story.

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