I Feel Sorry For Cheerleaders

I am sitting at a volleyball game, watching my niece play, and I notice the cheerleaders are just-a-cheering away. The only problem is that no one is paying attention to them. While cheerleaders are a fixture in American sports, they seem to be quite obsolete.

As I see it, cheerleaders aren’t necessary. The ones in the game are already driven. After practicing all week and hearing the pep talk in the locker room, the players don’t need the cheers. The ones in the stands may need to be pepped up, but they are either focused on the game or socializing. Either way, the girls on the sidelines aren’t getting their attention.

Bottom line?

You have to find, within yourself, the drive to succeed. It’s great to have people in your corner, cheering you on, but your motivation needs to come from your own heart. Noah, Joshua, David, Jesus … all accomplished great things without cheers ringing in the air.
If by chance you are one that needs to cheer others, its ok. Go ahead. Cheer away. This is what I like to call, icing on the cake. But keep this in mind; the only ones that notice cheerleaders are other cheerleaders. (I’m just saying…)

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