I Care ‘Bout You

It is so easy to take someone for granted. Last month, I did a lot of teaching about love, trust, and intimacy, but even the most well-intentioned people can fall into the selfish category.  There is no need to sugar coat it; when people are taken for granted, it is a reflection of selfishness.

Love should never assumes. It must be plainly demonstrated and leaves no room for doubt. If I love you, you should know it by the way  I treat you. However, it is far too common to lose sight of putting others before ourselves. 

Proverbs 27:5 says, “A spoken reprimand is better than approval (or love) that’s never expressed.” (The Message Bible) We all know how it feels to be fussed at, but love that is not shown feels worse. Taking people for granted is like saying, “I could care less about how YOU feel,  I just don’t want to be alone.”

We have to make sure that we express genuine love to our loved ones.  Instead of feeding the need for attention, seek ways to build your spouse, to encourage your child, to support your friends, to esteem your leaders, and celebrate others. Once we practice this,  I am praying that God will grace us with so much satisfaction and contentment, that the greed for attention starves to death.

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