Every Little Step I Take

There are times in life, when it is easy to be afraid. Beginning something new, dealing with an unexplained illness, or mountains of bills with mole hills of money, are all examples of scary times. I understand the apprehension that comes from dealing with situations and circumstances that aren’t ideal, but if God is for us, why be afraid. (Romans 8:31)

The Bible teaches us that “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” (Psalm 37:23) Then, Jesus confirms this by telling His disciples (of which I believe I am one), “I will be with you always,(even) till the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

This tells me that I have to over come my fear and trust in the Lord. I hear you; sometimes I get choked up and find it hard to believe that He will be with me, too. However, we have to lead our hearts with courage. We can’t allow our steps to be stifled, because we have to press on and do what He wants us to do. So be encouraged my brother! Don’t be afraid my sister! God has not lost control and He sees where you are. He sees where you are going and He won’t leave you alone. Choose to trust in God and rest in the fact that He’s gonna be with you in every little step!

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  1. Fear is the number one killer of dreams. It’s something that so many struggle with. The devil would have most of us caught up in fear so that we wouldn’t realize our potential! What an awesome reminder that God does not give us fear, but instead would have us prosper! A timely and much needed word Pastor!

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