No Guarantees

“Any Given Sunday!”

Ever heard that before? In the world of the NFL, this couldn’t wring more true than it did Sunday, October 30, 2011. The number three, New Orleans Saints, with elite quarter back, Drew Brees, faced the St. Louis Rams, who happened to be number two from the bottom. Seven days after a brutal 62-7 massacre on the Colts, the Saints were clearly favored to molly wop the struggling Rams.

However, running back, Steven Jackson, showed up like never before, running the Saints defensive line ragged. The Rams’ offensive line played with impeccable precision and the virtually unknown quarterback, Tom Brandstater, threw a great game with no picks! Basically, this game was a bookie’s nightmare.

I’m no betting man, but I knew a Rams win was a long shot. But as stated before, anything can happen any given Sunday.

Kind of makes you wonder …

Have you been counted out? Do you think that you’re too old, too fat, too ugly, too uneducated, or too broke to reach your dreams? Have you given up because the challenge is too big and the cost is too high? Do you feel like failure is a guarantee?

Let me encourage you to push through that line and shatter that glass ceiling. Don’t you know that, with God’s help, you can accomplish more than you can ever imagine? Even if you think it’s too late, God can help you redeem the time you’ve lost. The question was asked, “is there anything too hard for God?” (Genesis 18:14)  Sign up for the God adventure and see just what He is able to do through you, because while there are no guarantees in life, you can be sure that God won’t fail you. 

Read Romans 8:28-39. I’m sure it will encourage you!

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