The Hypocrite Excuse

I was cruising through my wall on Facebook, and I noticed that a couple of people were upset at “church folks.” The customary “why they always judging other people” statements were made. I get that, no one wants to feel condemned, especially by imperfect people. However, (and it never fails) the Facebookers say, “That’s why people don’t go to church, because church is full of hypocrites.”


Please don’t misinterpret my disdain. I truly believe there are people who don’t measure up to their own standards. There are people who look down their noses at the others of us who aren’t “as good.” But is this really a valid reason for not going to church? Think about this: there are two-faced people at the mall, right? There is backstabbing at work, isn’t it? Yet, people go.  There are clubs in my city where people have been shot and killed, yet people go back every week without missing a beat. Isn’t that interesting?

The reason people go anywhere is because they, listen carefully, WANT TO! What other people do, say, or think about it usually doesn’t keep people from going anywhere they want to go.  You don’t go to the mall, work, or the club for other people to decide what’s good for you;  you go for your own pleasure or enrichment. If you really want to go to church and praise God, it really doesn’t matter how other people look at you.

Secondly, two wrongs don’t make anything right! If you are doing wrong, you’re doing wrong. If someone calls you on it, you’re still wrong. Even if that person is doing that exact thing they’re condemning you for, you are still wrong. Conviction doesn’t come from people it comes from the Holy Spirit.

Finally, if you go to a church that makes you feel this way maybe you should find another church that builds you up and encourages you to do better. Your church should be an Ephesians 4:15-16 church: “speaking the truth in love…” causing you to grow and building everyone up in love.

So people, if you are going to make excuses for not going to church … find a better one … IJS!

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  1. Pastor Murphy, just encountered something similar when a young lady lamented to me that people in the church were going to be responsible for many not accepting Jesus as Lord, and turning to Him for salvation. Normally I don’t rebut these kinds of comments, but felt the unction of the Holy Spirit to remind her that man is born lost, and nobody through any action of their own can make anybody else any worse than that. The tendency to blame others for our own deficiencies comes from Adam not Jesus.

  2. I’m so glad that you addressed this because this is a never ending debate!! You need to work out your OWN soul salvation and stop worrying about others! I was talking to my uncle this past weekend about the same thing. He was “Bishop bashing.” I said you can’t just judge the church folks, we human just like anyone else. Why not PRAY and intercede rather be so quick to run our mouths or tweet or Facebook. This is an on-time word Pastor Murph!!

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