Nothing Compares

In this climate where celebrity, popularity, and success is king, people sometime have to scratch and claw to stand out. There is this urge to compete and compare. Working in ministry is no different. When you see people who have effectively built and established their “brand” for whatever it is they do, it’s easy to become discouraged because you don’t seem to measure up to those other people’s standard.

Let me help you get free …No matter what you do, God doesn’t want you to be the next; He wants you to be your best. When it comes to walking in purpose, there is no such thing as comparison and competition. Each of us were uniquely designed to fulfill a certain purpose that no one else can complete. The key is to know your purpose.

Knowing your own purpose frees you from the distraction of competition. What if Joshua had tried to lead like Moses; or what if Solomon tried to reign like David? Could you imagine how ineffective Elisha would have been if he had tried to prophesy like Elijah?

Matthew 17 & Mark 9 speaks of a man whose son was tormented. In his desperation, he takes his boy to some of Jesus’ disciples. They did everything they could think of to help the boy, but were ultimately ineffective.

Weren’t they students of Jesus? Yes. Didn’t Jesus send His disciples out to minister? Yes. So why were they ineffective?

Jesus gives us a clue. He said to be successful at this level of ministry requires prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29). To be sure, He wasn’t talking about prayer and fasting in that moment, but to be prepared before the moment. Prayer and fasting lines you up with God’s will and purpose. In other words, the closer you get to your creator, the more likely you are to know your purpose, which will make you effective. You won’t waste your time trying to do all the other stuff you weren’t designed to do.

If God called me to preach, I don’t have to preach like T.D. Jakes, because He already has one of those! I don’t have to teach like Smith Wigglesworth, or else He would have allowed him to live another 100 years. He wants me to be me. The me He had in mind before the foundation of the world. The me He designed for such a time as this. He wants me to maximize what He has put on the inside. Besides, if I’m the best at being someone else, I’m still just a cheaper knockoff!

So let me encourage you, as I encourage myself. Let us draw close to God and strive to be effective and productive in God’s purpose. Remember, in His eyes, nothing compares to you!

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  1. Love the Article. Knowing you purpose is the key to live! When you find that purpose strive for excellence in it in everyway of your life! Shalom…..

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