I Gotta Feelin’

To be honest, I am not an optimist. I have tried to be most of my life, but life can be a fickle friend. Some days, life is great; making sure there is plenty of happiness to spread. But, it seems as if the other days make more of an impact. These are the days when life is very disappointing; almost as if life isn’t to fond of me and wants to hurt me on purpose. In many ways, life has me jaded.Every new year we are promised great things. Perhaps you were told that last year was going to be like heaven, only to discover, at the end, it was more like hell. I’m always suspect of those that hear God speaking in a rhyme (because I don’t remember God ever dropping a hot sixteen anywhere in the Bible, but I digress). Just because there is a positive word that rhymes with the coming year, it doesn’t obligate life to conform to it. So, I’ve grown tired of New Year’s Slogans.

However, today is different. There is a pulse, an energy I can’t even describe. The best way to make you understand it is to imagine the thump of 808s on every count, and the digital voice that says, “I gotta feelin’! (Woo hoo)”

I gotta feelin’ that tonight’s gonna be a good night; that today is gonna bring joy. I gotta feelin’! I gotta feelin’ that I’m going to experience supernatural favor; that I will have a season of unparalleled peace. I gotta feelin’! I gotta feelin’ that life is in love with me again, and has plans to do me good. I gotta feelin’! I gotta feelin’ that I am not forgotten, left out, or put on hold; that I am in the right line and its finally my turn.

Do you sense it? Can you feel that thump in your chest? Is it just me; am I alone in this? Or is there something in the air? Let me encourage you. Even though it may be easy to fall into the perpetual pattern of pessimism, close your eyes for a moment and see if you can feel it, too. Job 8:6b-7 says ” … it’s not too late— (God will) come running; he’ll set everything right again, reestablish your fortunes. Even though you’re not much right now, you’ll end up better than ever.” (The Message Bible)

I gotta feelin we are truly walking in to our “better than ever.”

©2012 DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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