No Apologies

I am blessed. I am talented. I am gifted and effective. All of these I am, because of grace. Grace is an undeserved advantage, an unmerited favor. Many of us have the erroneous view of God as fair, when the truth is favor can never be fair. The very word is non-objective. Think about it. What is your favorite soda?

Coke®? Pepsi®? Nehi® Peach?


Is your answer based on a preference and opinion or is it based in logic and reason?

Notice that the word favorite begins with the word  favor. God has favored me in somethings and in the same way, he has favored you in other things. He doesn’t favor us because we are a better person, but because … and please don’t miss this … HE WANTS TO! I don’t deserve anything from God, and neither do you. But He has chosen us for this time, and prepared us for this season. 

Knowing this fact is in no way arrogant. I acknowledge my unworthiness; but at the same time I recognize and praise God for what He’s given me. Therefore, if God has favored me, why would I apologize for it? We have become so fair-minded that we can’t celebrate other’s favor. We say, “If God did it for you, He’ll do it for me.”  And He may; but what if He doesn’t? God may have just decided to favor you, so why should I hate? That attitude is childish and selfish.

Look around … look within. Make a list of what God has favored you with. Take into consideration every time you got yourself into trouble and God delivered you. Also account for all the time you’ve waisted being timid or nervous about sharing your gift, but God has allowed you to keep it. Gifts are given to use. Don’t sit on your favor because others may hate. Let them hate. Don’t apologize because God wants to use you. Let Him use you. 

“For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise … from another place: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”  (Esther 4:14a&c KJV)

©2012 DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved. Soda images are the creative properties of The Coca Cola Company, Pepsi Cola Company, and RC Cola International respectively.

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