Lean On Me

There is really no need to say much about this. Originally recorded by Bill Withers, this song is a standard about friendship and dependability.There is a song that you may have never heard entitled, Brother’s Love (on J2K: Jesus 2000 Compilation, By MILC*). Some of the lyrics are as follows:

There’s no way you can lose, though the weight of this world is heavy on your shoulders. Some one is counting on you. Though every door has been closed, still you must make it over. Every man has felt like giving up at one time. It may be hard to tell but all of us go through trails. So, there’s no need to cry about the things we can’t change. Let’s make a covenant to be each other’s rainbow when ever it rains.

I’ve come to this conclusion; a brother’s love is the solution. One man against a million can be a lonely feeling. Until we make it home to heaven above, all we have, right now, is a brother’s love.

Put these thoughts together, and we see the importance of having friends; especially for men. It is so easy to shut people out and not allow anyone close enough to see your vulnerability. I understand: I’m a man, too. However, it is important that every man have someone in his life that he can depend on. We need people that we can talk to and even challenge us to live better. To put it in one word: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Brother, who are you accountable to? Who has been given the freedom to get in your face and tell you when you are wrong and then has the credibility to help you back on track? Who can you cry in front of when things are hard and you want to give up? Who can you share your most exciting news and blessings with and not have to worry about jealousy or hate? Brothers, we have to do better.

Having someone you can lean on doesn’t make you any less of a man, but it makes you a better man. I would even argue that you become the best you can be when you have friends like this. Let me challenge you to strengthen your friendships with other brothers with accountability, and then turn and be that kind of friend for someone else. Be trustworthy, honorable, and vulnerable and I’m sure the result will be worth the sacrifice.


©2012 DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved.  * MILC was Montrell Darrett (who also wrote the song), Isaac Caree, Lowel Pye, & Chris Simpson.

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And just in case you forgot …. “They called me Crazy Joe, now they can call me ‘Batman!'” – Morgan Freeman as Joe Clark in Lean on Me.

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