My Daddy’s Promise

When God called my daddy to preach, He made a promise that he would be a voice and not an echo. Think about that for a moment. In a world where many people have a platform of influence but simply regurgitate the words, style and substance of other people, God can still uses people uniquely. People can so easily mimic those who are effective, and we’ve become so accustomed to it, that we no longer judge people on their personal effectiveness. Instead we compare one gift to another.

The problem with being an echo is that the echo isn’t in control. Echoes are bound by the voices that speak for them, in that when the voices change, so do the echoes. An echo is not free to express its own voice, because it has none. How can you effectively minister with no voice?

So, as I attempt to walk in my own purpose, my daddy’s promise has become my prayer. I’m not so much interested in ministering on a grand stage. I’m not striving to be a household name. I’m not hoping to be the next go-to guy in the world of preaching, blogging, and ministry. My prayer is that with whatever platform of influence God graces me to have, I will be able maintain my own voice. I pray that I will not become another echo, but that God will trust me enough to use my voice.

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