There was a time that I would not eat cabbage. My mom would cook it all the time with smoked sausage, and I just hated it. It made me gag. It was so bad that it took a long time to even like smoked sausage again. After a long time, I decided to give cabbage a try again. Angela loves (and I mean LOVES) cabbage, so I gave it a go. Well, as it turns out, it was actually pretty good.I realized that the only reason I didn’t enjoy cabbage was when it was overcooked. When you put too much heat under the pot, cabbage gets mushy. I prefer its texture to be firm: fully cooked, but firm.

So, you ask, what does this have to do with anything?

Love is not meant to be mushy. Valentine’s Day is usually full of mush and sap. You know, flowers, candy, and goofy greeting cards. Love is to be deep and meaningful. This type of affection can’t be reduced to one day.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to assure my Valentine, that my love is firm. My love is strong. While my passion does burn for you, it is not my focus. You are the one on whom I fix my gaze. I live for you; I die for you. I don’t ever want to present a mushy love to you. I want you to know you are first.  I want you to be assured that the love we share will only grow deeper as we share every sunrise. Even when storms batter us, and winds shake us; nothing (and I mean nothing) can break us.

If it is ever asked, “how long have you loved Angela;” my answer would have to agree with Mercedes. “All my life.” My search for you began the day God created me.  So even though I can’t give you the world, I give you all of me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

© 2012 DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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  1. This is beautiful!! Such a wonderful way to wake up, to such beautiful words. I’ve loved you all my life too, literally!!

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