I was reflecting on the sermon I preached Sunday. One of the points made was that even though I stand to minister, I need the same faith as the one listening in the pew. While thinking about that, this poem just seemed to flow. I’m no “poet”. I’m not that snappy fingers dude, but I am an artist; so God will often use the artistic side of me. So I dedicate this poem to every pastor, preacher, evangelist, singer, songwriter, musician, blog writer, author, poet, or any other person in public ministry. I hope you feel my heart.

They applaud
They say things like “Lord,
You really blessed me with that song.”
Or “That Word you gave was on.”
They shake my hand
They enjoy my gift so they stand
To their feet and I’m like, “Man!
Lord, why do you use me this way?”
I don’t understand.
Because if they knew my struggles,
And how at times I feel like I’m living in a bubble
Or how my emotions can challenge like the shuttle
Only to crash into a big pile of Barney. Get it? Rubble
Would they still listen?
Or would they shut down their hearts and mention
My name with the likes of others who fell to the max, well
I wasn’t looking for ascension.
I was trying to find ways to glorify you
To make your ways hot like stew
For a generation that’s Elmer’s Glue
Stuck on ourselves, velcro shoe.

So I hide.
I put up a screen
Projecting the images I want to be seen
And play the part well to the end
Not really trying to be a hypocrite
I’m not masquerading it
Just being somewhat vague
Never dealing with the elephant
Because if the truth be told
None of us are heaven-sent
The very things we despise
Are the things that makes ministry relevant.
Now I’m not excusing sin, Romans 6:1&2
But I don’t want them seeing me,
I’d rather they see you.
So let them understand, help them get a clue,
That when I stand to minister to them,
You minister to me, too.
So when they stand to clap
When they pat me on the back
I’ll receive it as encouragement
I won’t take it as congrats
For I’m just a broken vessel
The potter decided to save
I give myself to you,
And not what to “They” have to say.

© 2012  DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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