The Instagram Effect

Instagram is an amazing photo sharing application for iPhone and Android users. (I’m gonna need Blackberry to get with the program!) This app transforms your otherwise boring camera phone, into a dynamic visual tool, making anyone look like a professional artistic photographer. Take your picture, apply any of the preset filters and your picture becomes a lot more interesting. Let’s be real, who really cares about a piece of cake? However, the dynamic presentation of an Instagram photo can captivate.

That’s a cool thing. Its kind of like the anointing. You have a gift that may or may not be impressive. To be impressive is a reflection of you: your skill, discipline, and presentation. All of these are based on what has been seen and heard before. But when you apply your gift to the filter of the anointing of God, it becomes impactful. To be impactful is a reflection of purpose, and only God can determine purpose. The gifted has no control of the outcome. Much like the Instagram photographer, the gifted doesn’t automatically know what the picture will look like, but once the anointing is applied, the gift becomes dynamic.

It is important to hone your skill, practice your discipline, and perfect your presentation, but at the end of it all you have to submit your gift to the anointing God if you want to make an impact. The effect the anointing will have on your gift will make a world of difference.

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