Everything is Connected

If you’ve been paying any attention, my life has taken a shift. Over the last two years God has given me an understanding of “Kingdom”. I believe that Jesus wanted us to live a life of principles that connect our faith to our way of living. This is what “Kingdom” means : the ways of God. “Kingdom” is not a lifestyle. Styles change everyday. Depending on my socio-economic status, lifestyles differ. If by chance I become a millionaire, you better believe my lifestyle will change. “Kingdom” is a way of life. The difference is, no matter the style, the ways never change.

So, when will we realize that “Kingdom” is less about church and more about living? Our culture (art, literature, fashion, music, politics, technology, social interactions) should reflect the Kingdom of God.

This is why everything I’m doing now is on purpose, with this concept in mind. The Kingdom Church, Kingdom Culture Clothing, this blog, the music, the preaching, the teaching, my marriage, Team Murphy are all connected to the same purpose: exposing the world and the church, the sinners and the saints, the rich and the poor, the degree holders and the D-boys to what it means to represent the Kingdom of God. Won’t you join this movement?

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