A Moment of Gratitude

Last night, I had the opportunity to fully explain our church to someone. They said to Angela and I that there were some questions they HAD to ask. While I know the vision God has for The Kingdom Church, it is an entirely different thing to express it. They seemed to ask all the right questions to reignite my excitement for the ministry God has placed in our hands.We are not in the business of downing another ministry to exalt our own, but we just couldn’t find what we needed in church. So God lead us to plant a church that would be a community bent on building people. That’s what we needed. We are not interested in promoting denominational traditions or dogma, but building people through the Word of God. Walking out our relationship with God, through Jesus, with others in love.

Being able to communicate all of that, last night just made me excited all over again. It helped me to remember why we continue to do what we do. I was reminded that every struggle and sacrifice is well worth it. I just need to stop and thank God for this opportunity.

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