Tryna Be Nice

DJ received some money for his birthday and decided he wanted to be a blessing to his family. After a vigorous family workout, he suggests:

DJ: “Mama, can I buy everybody some ice cream?”

Angela: “Sure! That’s very nice of you.”Me: “Really?! But we just got done working out. Wouldn’t that kind of contradict working out?”

Angela: “So what? He’s trying to be nice.”

DJ: “Yea Daddy, I’m tryna be nice!”

Me: “Ok, but I won’t get any.”

Ordering at Mickey D’s

Me: “Let me have two McFlurries® with M&Ms® (for DJ and CC), one with Oreo® (for Nicolas), an ice cream cone (for Angela), and a Powerade® (for me).”

Lady: “Sir, we no longer have Powerade.”

Me: “Well, that’s ok. we’ll just get the ice cream.”

We pull up to the window and are handed one cone, 2 M&M McFlurries and 2 Oreo McFlurries.

Angela : “Look ya’ll, Daddy got some free ice cream! Looks like God is trying to tell him something.”

DJ: “Yea! Like when somebody is trying to buy you something, just take it!”


© 2012   DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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