Fishing For Whales In Swimming Pools

Angela & Derek ATLIt has been said that my wife and I give people hope. Hope that they can find love that’s works. While Angela and I do have a great relationship, I would hardly consider us to be role models (but that’s just because I’ve experienced what other people didn’t see). We are just two imperfect people who have chosen to commit to this relationship by submitting to each other. It isn’t always easy, but its worth it.

I have found that people search for deep and meaningful connections in the most shallow and superficial ways. I personally know women who have passed on really good men because they were too short or didn’t make enough money. While on the flip side men will ignore good women because their butt ain’t big enough or they made too much money. What are we thinking; trying to find a spouse on Facebook or Twitter? Measuring a persons worth by the measurements of their waist? Come on people! If you’re fishing for whales, you won’t find them in swimming pools.

I believe what has made Team Murphy work, is the fact that Angela isn’t shallow. While it may seem easier to love a man who is sexy and debonair, or rich and famous, real love (for the sake of marriage) is never built on these things. All the sexiness in the world is no substitute for a kind heart. She didn’t choose me because I was the finest or smoothest guy in town (not even close). She wants me because she noticed my heart before my biceps; she appreciates my personality more than my abs!

So ladies and gentlemen, remember that real love and great people come in a variety of packages. While they may look good on your arm, they may never harmonize with your soul. Train yourself to admire more than a pretty face and a small waist. Determine to look for more than tall, dark and handsome. Because the most beautiful people you’ll never meet are the ones you chose to ignore.

*Notice I said, “Angela isn’t shallow” ? Well that’s because I have the most beautiful girl in the world … I’m just saying!

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  1. I LOVE this!!! Our dedication to each other is not superficial in the least. And because our love is not shallow, then jumping out of this marriage isn’t easy to do. I’m in the deep!!!

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