Attention & Acceptance

Do you know what it’s like to be rejected? I’m talking really rejected. For someone to determine, for what ever reason, that YOU aren’t good enough? When you see it in printed words it seems so awful but the truth is, rejection is actually someone deciding that someone or something isn’t good enough. If you don’t know this feeling, lucky you.This is in no way a slight to my family or parents; but somewhere along the way I wasn’t taught how to accept myself. So I sought attention. Seeking attention is the desire to be seen and or heard. More often than not, people like me seek attention in unhealthy ways and we end up more hurt and damaged. Damaged because we allow other people to define and value us, rather than looking at ourselves and assessing our own worth; or better yet getting closer to God and letting Him show us our value.

It is time out for seeking attention. You don’t have to long to be seen or heard anymore, because I see you. I hear you. Every time I look in the mirror I’m looking at you. Every time I hear my own voice I hear you. Better yet … God sees you! God hears you! He knows your value and your worth and He accepts you. He doesn’t need you to be someone else but who He has made you to be.

Father …. My prayer, for me and every one who has ever felt rejected, is that we become sensitive to you love and acceptance. That we can move on from our feelings of insecurities and self-doubt; that we can overcome our fears and stop allowing others to determine our worth. Father, teach us how to rest in your arms of safety and security. Raise up this generation of voices to be seen and heard, so that WE might glorify YOU! In Jesus Name ….


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