“Our Hearts Are Broken”

Just a few simple words that describe the indescribable feeling of every American today. Just a few simple words that simplifies the complexities of a horrible tragedy. Just a few simple words. In this profound moment in our history, President Barak Obama chose these few simple words, while wiping away his own tears: “Our hearts are broken.”

516014180_14540517Yes our hearts are broken because every parent in America has dropped off their kids at a place when they should be safe. Everyday I leave my family a little before six in the morning, trusting they will meet me back home in less than ten hours. Everyday my entire family travels to the same campus, three to learn, one to earn a living. What if that was my family? Every parent is asking themselves this same question; so our hearts are broken.

Yes our hearts are broken because twenty children won’t get to open their gifts that are probably already under twenty trees. Our hearts are broken because six men and women, who sacrificed their lives daily to educate our children, had their lives taken while doing so. Our hearts are broken because one man who desperately needed help and love, saw no other way to deal with his own life and circumstances. Our hearts are broken because a mother who, I’m sure, loved her son and her students, lost her life as well.

Our hearts are broken.

As a pastor, I find it difficult to console people in times like these. I can’t answer all the questions or say the right things to explain why tragedies happen. But I know this : God is STILL good. God is STILL a protector. God is STILL in control. Know that God still, as the President quoted, “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” (Psalms 142:3, New American Standard Bible)

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