This Christmas

I had planned on writing about understanding the real meaning of Christmas. I was going to say how it is okay that kids don’t understand the sacrifices parents make in order to make all their Christmas wishes come true. I was going encourage us to continue making good Christmas memories because our kids won’t necessarily remember the stuff they got, but the feeling they felt. But, all that seems to pale in comparison to what I have learned this Christmas.

This Christmas, I learned that the most wonderful gifts I could ever ask for, God has already given to me. I Have wasted a lot of time searching for what I already possess. See it’s not in the abundance of things that we see God’s goodness, but it is in the things God has provided that we see His abundant goodness. My God has blessed me with a woman who I don’t deserve and who loves me for me. He has blessed me with beautiful children who are healthy, smart, and gifted. He has blessed me with the opportunity to pastor an awesome church that is making a difference in so many people’s lives. He has given me so many friends and family that respect and love me, even when I don’t deserve it.

So let me encourage you to look around you and see how much God really loves you. You never have to look to anyone or anything else. God truly knows how to give the gifts that keep on giving.

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