Playing The Numbers

Ever played the numbers game on Facebook? Well, this is how it works: people send you a particular random number in your inbox. Then in return, you post that number and what you think about that person on your wall; something candid and honest. The idea is that you can tell someone anything you want publicly without anyone but that person knowing you were talking to them.I’ve played the game from both ends, but I eventually found out that’s a dangerous game to play. People have inhibitions for a reason. Just because one thinks a thing doesn’t mean one should share it. Not every thought is meant to be spoken. A pastor acquaintance of mine said once, and it rings so true, “what people think of me isn’t any of my business.”

We are such an image driven society that it is easy to get caught up in what people think. Many of us become so desperate to know what others think, that we never stop to think for ourselves. To be honest, the only opinion that matters is God’s. What does He say, how does He feel, and what are His thoughts toward you? These are questions you never have to wonder about, because He has already given you the numbers.

jesus facebook-0014:19 (1 John) He loves you.

5:9-10 (Deuteronomy) He’s jealous for your affection.

3:17 (Zephaniah) He rejoices and sings over you.

3:17 (Malachi) He thinks you are precious, like a jewel.

19:10 (Luke) He longs to heal and save you.

4:8 (James) He desires to be close to you.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of God’s thoughts about you. So why don’t you stop ignoring His friend request, and change your relationship status.

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