Silent Suffering

(Please be mindful that this blog is neither an endorsement or indictment of corporal punishment.)

Most of us, that received whippings as a child, have been told after getting it, “Now shut up!” This was an odd request, considering that I just got the devil beat out of me! How are you going to hurt me, then expect me not to respond to the pain? As an adult I realized that my parents didn’t want me to embarrass them if they had to “get me” in public, but it seems as if we have been conditioned to suffer silently.How many of us, honestly, have no one that we can cry out to, when all hell is breaking loose? I can confidently say that most people, especially Christians, suck it up, put on a good face and act like everything ok. Kinda sounds like, “straighten up and act like you got some sense,” right? We have been taught that acknowledging pain, is a sign of weakness. You remember the scene in “A League of Their Own” when Tom Hanks stands in front of his player asking, “Are you crying? THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!”

CRYINGIf no one has ever told you before, let me be the first to say: if you are sad, hurt, grieved or depressed, it is okay. Never be ashamed of your pain or struggles. Don’t misunderstand me, you shouldn’t broadcast what you’re going through. It’s not everybody’s business. However, everybody needs somebody sometimes. We all need someone with whom we can be transparent and say, “Hey, I’m struggling.” Someone who won’t judge us when we cry.

James, the brother of Jesus Christ, teaches us to “Confess (our) faults (sins, hurt, pain, struggles) one to another, and pray one for another, that (we) may be healed. (Not to appease the nosey, but) the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (5:16, KJV)

God, blesses us with people. We have to find the right ones who will be there for us. But let me challenge you to be that for someone else. When people open up to you, don’t use that opportunity to judge or gossip. If you can be that ear that listens, and that heart that feels, God will lift up someone to listen to you and feel your heart when you need it most.

Be Encouraged!

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