Being responsible, respectful, dedicated and devoted are all qualities we should admire. But let’s be real; that guy, that lady isn’t popular. In fact, we usually call that person lame. Have we become so twisted, as a society, that we equate dysfunction to excitement?I will be honest and say I’ve been people watching. The same trends I see in “reality TV”, I also see in our real lives. I’ve watched over-sensationalism become celebrated, as if being a hot mess is cool!

For example:

I saw a commercial for “The Braxtons” where a few of the sisters walking down the street, and a guy pinches one of their behinds. To my amazement, the pinched sister was excited and even pleased that it happened! To add insult to injury, another sister was jealous that she wasn’t violated; asking, “What do I have to do get (pinched)?!”

Really?! Regardless of any ridiculous stereotypes, you aren’t outraged that you were disrespected?!

In a very similar rachet (hot ghetto mess) display, I took my family to a big local high school track meet. At every turn there was some too young, high school girl scantily clad. (Did I mention that this was outside in 35 degree weather?) These young women got just as much affirming attention as the did halfhearted correction. In other words, how can a grown woman with exposed cleavage tell a 15 year old to “put those away”?

But that’s what we do …

We celebrate the sensational and call the respectable lame.

So if you’re lame, let’s start to celebrate that, and let the world know that its the best way to be.

Just my thoughts for today …

© 2013 DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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