So You Wanna Be Great, Huh?

Greatness is a grand desire. Most of us don’t aim for mediocrity, we want to be one of the best and brightest. Ambition has never been a bad thing; it’s only when ambition becomes selfish that it becomes obnoxious. The drive to be great is admirable, but there are a few things you should know before you shoot for the stars.

1. Greatness isn’t a goal, it’s an attitude.

We tend to believe that greatness comes with some big event or grand happening. Quite the contrary. Being great doesn’t mean going to the next level, it means being fully involved and mastering the level you’re on now. Your attitude of excellence right now determines your quality of greatness.

2. Greatness means being faithful to the ordinary.

Greatness isn’t achieved as much as it is practiced. What are you doing everyday: preparing for the future, or to repairing your past mistakes? You just can’t show up to the big stage without being faithful to ordinary things. Every great musician had to learn scales. Every great athlete had to practice drills and study plays. We are no different.

3. Greatness isn’t put on you, it’s birthed in you.

Ever thought that if you could get connected to the right people in high places, then you could be great and do great things. NOPE! No one can put greatness on you, it takes God pulling the greatness He has placed in you out. Don’t waste your time waiting on some one else’s blessing. If they are half as great as you obviously think they are, they can’t ignore the greatness in you.

4. Great people attract great opportunities.

What good is a big break, if you aren’t able to handle or maintain the opportunity? It is extremely rare for great opportunities to find their way to the unprepared. That’s like expecting to get a record deal without ever singing a song. Being great will be far precede the great opportunities.

5. Truly great people serve.

Being great isn’t all about position and power. Being great more about prospective and purpose. We should never desire to be great for status, but our ambition should drive us to walk in purpose. God’s purpose for us all is to serve His will and each other. Even Jesus got down on His knees and served. Don’t ever lose perspective of you calling to serve!

“But the greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 23:11-12, New American Standard Bible)

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