Check The Weather

We woke up early this morning to drive our youngest son over 150 miles, to a summer track league meet, that was ultimately cancelled due to heavy, flash flood causing rain. Needless to say, we turn around and headed back home. Unfortunately, it rained most of the way back. From a light drizzle to what seemed like a monsoon; we drove through it all just trying to get home safe. With the assistance of the weather app, Angela checked the weather report and figured that we would be in that storm system at least through the half way point home. However, the closer we got to the storms edge the worst the storm came down on us. I could literally see the clearer skies on the other side of the worst part of the storm.

In that moment, I realized this is how our lives are sometime like this. Whenever we see a storm in the Bible, there is something changed behind it. Think about Noah’s 40 day storm, and the covenant that came after it (Genesis 7-8). Consider Elijah’s storm that ended the drought in Israel, and the shift in Ahab and Jezebel’s reign (1 Kings 18). Or what about the storms that Jesus calmed on the sea of Galilee, and the faith it built in His disciples.

Storms come when seasons change. The old adage, April showers bring May flowers, suggests that storms are necessary to take us from one place in life to another. The closer we get to the great things in our lives, the worst the storms can be. But I want to encourage you. Whatever storm you may be in right now, is only ushering in a new season. And, if it seems like you can’t go any further, trust God and keep going, because on the other side there are clear bright skies. This is only temporary.

So check the weather. If you see storms coming, don’t worry  or avoid them. Keep driving forward!

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