Joey Tribbiani, Marvin Gaye, and Bugs Bunny

“Hey, how you doin’ ?”

“What’s goin’ on?”

“What’s up doc?”

These are different variations of the same question. But, how many of us actually expect a true answer to this question?The most we ever get is the same question returned to us. To stop long enough to hear about how someone is doing, costs time; a price way too high for some to pay. In fact, many of us reduce this conversation to a single syllable and an upward chin gesture.

“Sup?” And the response … “Sup?”

What if the next time someone actually tells you how they are doing, you actually listened to them? I don’t mean, just look at them and wait for them to stop talking. I am talking about, active and engaged listening. You never really know how much it means for someone to really listen. Sometimes, all a person needs to know is that someone cares.

If you invest some of your time into caring about others, God will see to it that someone will be there to care about you. Giving, in any form, will always bring a harvest. The time it takes to listen about somebody’s day, is a very small price and I challenge you to just give it away!

©  2013 Team Murph Publishing/DJoaquin Publishing

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