We all know that January 1 marks the day of resolutions. It’s is the day we resolve to do things differently, to make changes, and set goals to achieve. We all have grand intentions on keeping promises we’ve made to ourselves, our loved ones, our financial advisors, or our doctors. Almost always, our resolve is to do or be better.

But, I have a question. Why wait?

There is nothing magical about January 1st. You won’t be more motivated, or dedicated because the calander has changed; so why wait? The journey to a better, new and improved you can begin right now. Look at it like taking an all expense paid trip. If all you have to do is show up, why wait?

Start now.

Let me encourage you. We only have a few days left in this year. If you honestly desire to be a better you next year, start now. Don’t wait for anything else. Be exactly who you want to be and move forward! I believe in you!

© 2013 Team Murph Publishing / DJoaquin publishing

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