Just Thought You Should Know

Hey. You. Yes, you! I just felt the need to let you know, that you are an awesome individual. Don’t look at me like that, I mean it! You are a great person. It’s the oddest thing; most awesome people have no idea how awesome they are.

But seriously, look at everything you’ve been through, and all the stuff you survived, and others didn’t. You were shocked at how that one thing didn’t take you out. To be honest, everyone around you was shocked too, but you made it.

Look at all the stuff you do. AWESOME! You probably think it’s nothing, but really it’s awesome. There are people who look at what you do, and they are amazed. But let me warn you; the moment you start those doing amazing things for the applause of people, you cease to be awesome. Please know that you don’t have to chase down love and applause from anyone. Just continue being you, and the right people will be drawn to you.

You’re not awesome because people see it. You’re not awesome because people call you that. You’re awesome because that’s the way God made you. He has plans for you, and He knows how your story ends.

So please remember, when you’re feeling down and insignificant, you are awesome! Don’t change that.

Be encouraged!

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  1. This is on time and very encouraging!! Thanks for being obedient in your message to prompt me to read it as well!! Love it!

  2. What an encouraging piece!!! It is indeed true that what didn’t kill you, only makes you stronger and is a reminder of God’s hand on our life! Keep up the great work!!

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