The Price of Being Special

My kids ask me, from time to time, if I was popular in school. They’re really not surprised by my answer. I was pretty popular all through grade school. Some of it had to do with the fact that my mom was a teacher and my dad is a pastor. I have always been popular in just about every circle of my life, and always sort of been the big fish in small ponds.

But being popular, or known by many, is really only half the story. I may have always been popular, but I have never been part of the crowd. I’m the guy that could get a date for the dance, but never invited to the after party. I’m the guy people would sit with at lunch, but was never included in the trips to the mall after school. I’m the guy who people assume is never lonely because there are alway people around, but being around and being included are two different things.

specialI have always been told that I am special. That God has something great in store for me, and perhaps you are reading this and you share the same circumstances. Well, I hope to encourage you, because while greatness is great, it is oftentimes very lonely.

God, in His grand design, made you the way you are. People are naturally drawn to you. But once they get close to you and see a greatness that they can’t comprehend, they tend to deal with you at a distance. They will only stay close enough to reap the benefits of knowing you. What ever you do, don’t get discouraged by that. Most really aren’t trying to use you, they just don’t know how to take you. And that’s ok.

But God, in His infinite wisdom, will also assign people to you. These people may or may not be your friends. They may or may not include you socially. They may or may not call you all the time or like your Facebook statuses. But they will keep you lifted in prayer. They will encourage you at just the right times. They will find a way to keep you connected, so that you won’t feel totally lonely.

So don’t feel bad when you are left out, because you just may be one of the special ones. It may seem like they rejected you and it was really redirection to the destiny that has been laid out for you. Be encouraged and continue walk in greatness.

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