The Winter That Just Won’t Quit

It has been said, “…if you don’t like East Texas weather, just wait a minute.” The inference here is that the weather is constantly changing. However, this has been one of the coldest, longest winters ever! We are now in late March (officially in spring) and we are still having 30 degree temperatures. This is simply the winter that just won’t quit.

While thinking about this, I realized that many of us are in seasons of life that we thought would be over by now. Much like the temperatures that won’t break, as soon as we rise we seem to fall again. I know it is frustrating and discouraging to circle around yet again. Hoping, praying, and believing God to move you forward but remaining stagnant in a season that just won’t end. I’ve been there and I know how that feels.

But, we aren’t miserable people; stuck in dispair and hovering with no hope. We have a future! Our future is bright and colorful. Our paths are warm and peaceful. Our destiny is alive and vibrant. Regardless to how ever long our current season lasts, it’s still temporary. Don’t be troubled by the prolonged winter, because, sooner than later, spring will overtake us. The flowers will bloom and the Son will shine.

So hold on in this frigid time of your life and be encouraged in the fact that a season of change is coming.

“I see what you’ve done, your hard, hard work, your refusal to quit.  I know your persistence, your courage in my cause, that you never wear out.” Revelation 2:2a, 3 MSG

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