My Post-Easter Commentary

Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday, is the most high holy day of the Christian calendar. It is the annual observance of our Lord and Savior’s, sacrificial death, His brief burial, and His triumphant resurrection. We look back, as the corporate Body of Christ, at the finished work of the cross. It is our defining moment as religious faith; the fact that our God demonstrated His power over sin and death.

I will agree that the western commercialization of every holiday has taken its toll on this holy observance, with the bunny, and the eggs, and the new clothes. But if you really know the reason we celebrate, these distractions should be of no consequence.

As I cruised through my social media timelines, I noticed that believers (church folks) were complaining about the influx of irregular attendees filling our parking lots and pews. Pointing out how they’ve waited for a special day to grace God’s house. I, myself, have been guilty of such grumbling, but I have come to a critical conclusion.

Regardless of their reasons, people came. They showed up. They were open to the truth of the Gospel, even if it was just a little bit. We have the responsibility, nay the privilege, to share this message with any and everyone. There is no need for a big production, or a clever scheme to effectively tell the story. The power of the cross can speak for itself. And perhaps someone heard it for the very first time on Easter Sunday.

So my days of complaining about the CME Christians (you know, Christmas, Mothers Day, & Easter Saints) are over. I will continue to share this Good News with anyone who will listen.

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