Inspired or Enamored

I hear a lot of people talk about being inspired. Some are inspired to pursue great careers, while others are inspired to pursue great relationships, and others still pursue the ambiguous “greatness” that is locked up and rearing to get out. We listen to preachers and motivational speakers. We read blogs and favorite tweets. We meditate over old clichés then remix them in order to sound original. Yet the end result is the same. We talk about being inspired.

Inspiration, by its very definition, is the breath of God. Yes God formed man with His hand, from the dust, but it was not until God breathed into His nostrils that man became a living soul. It is from this same idea that Paul states that “all scripture is inspired by God” (2 Tim. 3:16). God’s Word was physically written by many men over many centuries, but breathed out the same God. Inspiration isn’t in some catch phrase or sound bite. Inspiration comes from the breath of God Himself.

True inspiration come with one or two things.

  1. Insight – Insight is the ability to see and think deeper than the surface; the uncanny knack to go beyond the status quo and pull out something extraordinarily different. Having insight gives one a competitive edge. Whereas everyone is focused on the industry standard, the insightful develop the cutting edge. It is the inspirational insight that drives Noah to innovatively build a magnificent structure not only helping him survive his conditions but also position him to create new possibilities despite them.
  2. Instruction – Instruction is the process to accomplish anything. It is the blueprint to every building, the schematic to every invention. Instruction takes the insight and makes it tangible. If I may use the same example, Noah was given every measurement and dimension to build his ark. He wasn’t an engineer or a nautical mastermind. Noah was just simply inspired by God.

So then you have to ask yourself, have I truly been inspired, or am I just enamored with an idea? Has God breathed on my hopes and dreams with insight or instruction, or am I in love with the power or money associated with success? Am I driven by a higher cause, or is my pursuit just the means to my own selfish ends?

You see, what a lot of us call inspiration, is really just emotional dope. We shoot it in our systems to get a quick feel good, and once we come down off the high, we search for the next fix. Craving the best dope, we are constantly on the prowl for the best pushers; ultimately never really inspired to do anything.

If you really want to pursue the great things life can bring, you have to find inspiration, insight and instruction from God. God is speaking by His Word and through His Word, leading us into His desired end. It may not make you rich or famous, but it will be great. It will be powerful, because it will be from God.

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