Do You Really Want God’s Favor?

Have you ever spoken to someone, asked how they were doing, and they give you that “blessed and highly favored” line? I am a firm believer of the favor of God, and anyone with any common sense should want it. However, I believe many of us misrepresent that divine favor.

Favor, according to, is defined as something done or granted out of goodwill, rather than from justice or a kind act. We tend to believe that a life of ease, luxury, or full of “blessings” is the definitive idea of God’s favor; as to say showering one with gifts is the only way to show kindness. God is not like us. He doesn’t have to buy our affection with a lavish out-pour. He is all wise and all knowing, so perhaps He knows that giving you all that your heart desires just may be the beginning of your ruin.

The favor of God is evident in many different ways. Don’t think, for one second, that a difficult situation means you don’t have God’s favor.

The Book of Job, tells the story of a man who seemed to have everything going for himself. He was very wealthy, a family man, a business man; he had the markings of God’s favor all over his life. Even the Devil alluded to the fact that God seemed to really like this guy. But then, the oddest thing happened. God allowed Job to lose everything. He lost his business, family and status all at once. His friends were convinced that God had done something to offend God. His own wife suggested he should curse God to His face.

Little did anyone know, God’s favor remained on Job’s life, even through his difficult time. Going through doesn’t mean you lack faith, nor does it mean you don’t have God’s favor. Dealing with difficulty avails you the opportunity to exercise your faith and experience God’s favor. God’s favor isn’t always shown in the pleasures of life. Your current situation isn’t the sign of God’s love, He proved that over 2000 years ago.

So if you really want God’s favor, be mindful that it may not come in a pretty box, wrapped with a shiny bow. You may find God’s favor in the most challenging time of your life. So take courage and know, God’s favor is better than life. (Psalms 63:3)


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  1. Derek, you have really great insight here! We so loosely use words when it comes from what we “want” from God. Do we even have the slightest idea of the power He has and what can really happen in a life yielded to him? I wrote an experience on my blog today that talks about the same topic from personal experience. Check it out if you would like.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. Yes! A life yielded to God and totally embracing his favor, regardless of how that favor looks, is a powerful life indeed. BTW I will check your blog.

  2. Well said Derek. I tell you the truth for a long time I couldn’t wrap my mind around anything good in that story of Job however, over the years God has revealed the goodness in it just a little at a time. Thanks for adding to that revelation.

    Be Blessed!


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